Enmore 2009

This BLOG provides the 2009 series of informal Enmore announcements, plus short discussion items on the use of our services and on topics related to collaboration and support web services.

Polls and Surveys - now available

Wednesday 09 December, 2009

Use Polls and Surveys to capture input from userslink

Two new facilities are now being offered to clients that allow data to be collected from users of their Managed Web Support system.

A Poll, as illustrated below, allows answers to be collected for a single, simple question.

Example Poll

A poll is easily defined and can be inserted into any web page on the site. A site administrator can then view the number of current votes made on individual Polls.

If a more complex questionnaire or survey is required then the Survey function can be used to construct a very detailed set of questions as is illustrated in the made up example below:

Example Poll

To learn more about the Polls and Survey functions available in the Managed Web Support service please contact us

Run your own Blogs

Friday 13 November, 2009

Use the Blog facilities to run multiple Blogslink

As those of you who regularly keep up to date with Enmore's news and development progress from these pages, you will realise that we are using a Blog facility.

This is actually a standard Feature of the Tiki CMS Groupware software that we use to underpin the Managed Web Support service and we are now offering this capability for clients to use in order to run and operate their own Blogs.

The facilities are very flexible allowing multiple Blogs to be operated where each one can be configured to:

  • allow a single individual/Blog owner to publish a series of thoughts and views (posts), accessible by anyone, on a range of subjects as the 'mood takes them'
  • allow other users to add comments to the individual posts
  • allow a set of separate Blogs to be created for specified subject matters
  • allow a defined group of users who can all post to the same Blog, and comment on other posts made by the group
  • allow any user who can read the Blog to also post their own items to the Blog

This range of features will allow the Blog format to be used for a number of different usage scenarios, so if you would like to discuss how you might use the Blog facility to add to your communications mix then please do contact us.

Contact Databases easily built using Trackers

Monday 19 October, 2009

Use the Tracker facility to build a simple Contact Databaselink

The Tiki CMS Groupware Tracker facility allows customised databases to be built for a range of different purposes.

A frequent requirement, that Enmore has developed a number of configurations for, is a simple Contact Database.

Now you can build an on-line version of what you may have been storing on an individual PC as an Excel spreadsheet or Access database, and is therefore "locked away" and inaccessible.

This approach allows you to build a central repository that is always available on-line to designated groups of users who can:

  • add new records using simple on-line forms,
  • update existing entries e.g. maintaining their own data on a secure basis, and
  • view different/selective reports that summarise the data in different ways

As illustrated in the screenshot below, these 'reports' can be highly customised as individual web pages and made available publicly or only to selected users of your Managed Web Support System.

Contact database example report

In addition this approach can be readily extended to build a more extensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Sales Force Automation (SFA) set of systems.

To find out more about building Contact Databases and how this could be extended to CRM and SFA please contact us.

Extensive Newsletter functionality now available

Wednesday 23 September, 2009

Newsletter functionality simplifies communication updateslink

The Tiki CMS Groupware software has extensive Newsletter management capabilities and these are now being offered to Enmore clients.

You can now:

  • create individual Newsletters that can be designed for specific uses, e.g. sending updates to individual or groups of customers, suppliers, partners etc.
  • build and maintain a unique list of 'subscribers' for each Newsletter using a number of time saving tools
  • design templates that can be used as a starting point for an individual Newsletter edition
  • automatically archive each Newsletter edition once it has been sent to its unique distribution list, so that it can be retrieved for subsequent viewing or used as the 'base' for the start of another new edition.

If you would like to learn more about how you could use the Newsletter functionality please contact us.

Virtual Private Server option now available

Monday 24 August, 2009

New VPS option for more assured performancelink

The diagram below illustrates how an individual client can now opt to have their web system(s) delivered from a Virtual Private Server which provides a reserved level of processing resources. This is in contrast with the standard shared hosting environment, which whilst it is the most cost effective delivery mechanism, does not offer any reservation of resource availability.

VPS overview

A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, utilises virtualization technology to allow a large physical server to be logically separated into individual virtual servers, providing a more cost effective and energy efficient alternative to a dedicated physical device. The Enmore service utilises Linux-VServer to provide Enmore clients with individual "private servers", which have protected CPU and memory, thereby providing a more stable and predictable performance compared to standard shared hosting.

To find out more about this System Operation and Management option please contact us.

SEO service

Thursday 09 July, 2009

New Search Engine Optimisation service now availablelink

There is a lot of "mystique" surrounding SEO or Search Engine Optimisation in the IT/web industry and quite a few myths.

This new service from Enmore aims to dispels the myths and provide practical advice to make the content on Enmore clients' Managed Web Support web sites easy to find and to improve index rankings by the major search engines.

The service provides an initial assessment of the current web site, registration with the major search engines, direct access to Google Analytics to provide insights into the usage profile for the site, and an initial briefing/training session on:

  • the key processes associated with web search,
  • how individual pages can be optimised for search engine purposes, and
  • the tools available with the Managed Web Support service to manage SEO for the site

Various reports can then be generated to highlight any issues associated with the site and recommendations for remedial action and steps to improve search engine rankings.

To find out more about how this service can be used, please contact us

Demonstration web site

Thursday 11 June, 2009

Managed Web Support demonstration sitelink

demo site The Enmore Managed Web Support demonstration sitelink-external is now available and will continue to be developed in order to provide prospective clients with a 'live' site where they can explore the various capabilities and features available with this system.

To gain access to this site and learn more about the Managed Web Support service please contact us

New version 3.0 and WYSIWYG editor

Saturday 23 May, 2009

Now offering a WYSIWYG editorlink

tiki logo In the recent release of version 3 of the Tiki CMS Groupware opensource software, the WYSIWYG editor has been improved and Enmore now offers this as an option to the standard wiki editing capability in a Managed Web Support system.

wysiwyg screen

Whilst this WYSIWYG editing capability is not as feature rich as standard wiki editing, it does provide a capability that many users find more familiar and convenient to use.


Monday 13 April, 2009

New Experimental Learning Management Systemlink

eLearning screen An experimental Learning Management System (LMS) has been deployedlink-external to evaluate the development of SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) based eLearning courses. SCORM is a group of specifications for the development, packaging and delivering of education and training materials on-line.

The opensource LMS that has been deployed is initially being used to trial various eLearning courses for the Enmore Managed Web Support service, but it is also being evaluated as the basis for a potential new managed service to design, deploy and operate Learning Management Systems for clients.

Enmore would be interested in working with any individuals or organisations that have an interest in eLearning. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about this initiative.

Training courses

Thursday 05 March, 2009

New class-based training courses now availablelink

Class-based training courses are now available for each of the standard permission levels, i.e. User, Editor, Content Manager and Administrator.

training slide Each 5-hour course can be delivered to groups of up to 6 attendees and provides a combination of "chalk and talk" presentation with hands-on usage of either your own system if deployed, or a general training system.

Contact us now if you would like to discuss these courses in more detail or you need to schedule a training session.

Quick Start Guides

Friday 13 February, 2009

New Managed Web Support Quick Start Guides now availablelink

Four separate Quick Start Guides are now available as PDF documents for Enmore Managed Web Support clients.

Each Guide provides a standard overview of the Features available for each of the reference permission levels, and when used in conjunction with the on-line help pages, provides a 'guided tour' of each of the available Features with suggested exercises, so that a new user can become familiar with their Managed Web Support service.

Quick Start Guides The four Quick Start Guides are:

  • Quick Start User Guide
  • Quick Start Editor Guide
  • Quick Start Content Manager Guide
  • Quick Start Administrator Guide.

Enmore offers a Consultancy & Support service to create customised versions of these Guides, to reflect an individual client's brand and company style plus the detail of their specific deployment. If you would like to discuss your customised documentation needs then please contact us

New on-line Fault and Change Management 'ticket' systems

Friday 09 January, 2009

Using the Managed Web Support facilities for our clientslink

The Enmore Client Support System has always used the Managed Web Support facilities to provide on-line support for our clients. This system provides a client with secure access to their own system support information (including their up-to-date System Design detail), as well general Enmore client support material.

Using the Managed Web Support 'Tracker' facilities however we have now deployed two new systems for Fault Management and Change Management so that clients can raise 'tickets' in either of these two systems and Enmore can respond, where all responses and actions are logged and an audit trail provided.

fault ticket form

Each client is provided with secure access to their own ticket systems where they can log either a Change Management request or a Fault notification using simple on-line forms as illustrated on the left.

Whenever a new request or notification is logged, it is given a unique ticket number and is time stamped. Email notification is provided back to the client whenever the details of the request or notification are updated and on closure the ticket is time-stamped again.

With this process and individual on-line reports that list all open/pending or closed requests or notifications, each Enmore client can keep track of their system changes and issues.

If you want to discuss how we could help you design a system to underpin your specific collaboration and support processes, then please contact us